USF president, university partners commit to the future of Florida High Tech Corridor

March 21, 2022

University of South Florida (USF) President Rhea Law joined University of Central Florida (UCF) President Alexander Cartwright, Ph.D., and University of Florida (UF) President Kent Fuchs, Ph.D., last month at Synapse Summit 2022 to celebrate a 25-year legacy of innovation as partners in the Florida High Tech Corridor and unveil a commitment to “unleash the region’s ‘expotential.’”

The three university presidents participated in a discussion moderated by The Corridor CEO Paul Sohl, retired U.S. Navy rear admiral, about their hallmark partnership approach, the role of universities in Florida’s innovation economy and how their universities are preparing the next generation of innovators.

As leaders reflected on The Corridor’s rich history and shared their vision for the future, their commitment to “unleash the region’s expotential” conveyed a new promise built around four themes that will cement its strategy moving forward: boundary-breaking collaboration, community-driven innovation, serving the underserved and maximizing resources to fuel meaningful outcomes.

Three significant themes emerged from the panel discussion.


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