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Pasco Business Digest: Synapse Challenge Winner Announced

Won by Team Blitz, led by Ibrahim Allam, the Synapse Challenge invited local teams and individuals to create a high-tech wearable device for Crystal Lagoons in Wesley Chapel.

‘Alexa, what are my sales?’ Find out how AI will change your business at Synapse

Steve Tingiris, founder and managing director of Dabble Lab, will talk about the role of artificial intelligence and digital assistants during the Synapse Summit.

Marc Blumenthal talks Synapse origins, the recipe for a…

On this episode of SPx, Joe welcomes Marc Blumenthal, founder of Synapse and partner at Florida Funders. In this acumen-packed episode, Blumenthal shares his thoughts on the Tampa Bay startup community and… 

Synapse Summit adds business executives to growing list of speakers

Speakers will run across all industries at the upcoming Synapse Summit, which will feature key players in Tampa’s banking, startup, technology and real estate scenes. 

How SunTrust Foundation’s $50K grant to Synapse will deepen the innovation community

The SunTrust Foundation-Tampa/Southwest Florida has awarded a $50,000 grant to Synapse to help companies and…

myMatrixx founder is behind the Synapse appearance of these Silicon Valley money guys

Two early-stage venture capitalists from the San Francisco Bay area will be at the Synapse Summit to check out local investment possibilities

These Are the 50 Best Places in America for Starting a Business

The second Synapse innovation summit–Tampa’s answer to SxSW–was expected to attract 5,000 people in January.

Business briefs: Jabil in the cloud, Washlava patent and more

A push into making products for the cloud computing space is expected to be a $1 billion a year business for Jabil Inc.

People on the move: Daniel Cura

Daniel Cura, President of Tidal Marketing, is a University of South Florida alumnus and first-generation Cuban-American entrepreneur 

INNOVATE‘Alexa, what are my sales?’ Find out how AI will change your business at Synapse

Remember the web 20 years ago in 1998, or mobile apps a decade ago in 2008? That’s where artificial intelligence is now, with enormous possibilities ahead, a Tampa tech veteran says.

2019 Synapse Summit spotlights innovation in Florida

The 2019 Synapse Summit returns to downtown Tampa January 23rd and 24th with a full slate of programming designed to spotlight Florida’s growing presence in the world of innovation.

What one judge in the Synapse pitch contest will be looking for in startups

When Synapse holds its pitch competition for startups next month, one of the judges will have some specific criteria in mind that will make winners stand out.

Brian Kornfeld

In the startup world, Synapse is an organization that connects entities in the entrepreneur economy to allow everyone to work together.

Synapse readies for ‘March Madness for startups’

One Tampa accelerator is moving right past Christmas and getting in the spirit of March Madness instead.

Meet the UT grad student who won $10,000 for his wearable tech

He was one of five finalists who presented in Synapse’s Innovation Challenge this past weekend, with the winner receiving $10,000.

BNY Mellon Wealth Management Calls Tampa Home!

Synapse is proud to be sponsored and affiliated with BNY Mellon Wealth Management and we encourage all attendees to connect with the firm at the second annual Synapse Summit on January 23 and 24, 2019.

Fortune 100 Food Retailer Publix Calls Florida Home

Publix has been innovating for 89 years, and today has more than 1,200 locations as well as online ordering and delivery options.

Heavy hitters join Synapse inaugural board

Representatives from BayCare Health System, Publix Super Markets, University of South Florida and a retired major general are all part of the inaugural board of advisors and directors for Synapse.

Tampa’s Premier Music and Education Innovator, the Straz Center

The 335,000 square foot Straz Center is one of the largest performing arts complexes in the country.

The Evolved Marketing Agency: Schifino Lee Branding & Advertising

Staying true to its mantra of “Innovate or Die,” Schifino Lee finds countless ways to push the boundaries of advertising and branding.

Augmented reality C-level exec will be Synapse summit keynote speaker

As Tampa-based company Synapse tries to prove innovation lives in Florida, it just secured a good example.

Tampa-based virtual reality tech firm works to partner with local health care leaders

“We’re essentially going to be the Netflix of surgical training experiences.”

As Wave adds to its board, its chair looks ahead

The former Florida CFO, gubernatorial candidate and longtime banker and entrepreneurial advocate was officially named board chair earlier this month.

Synapse’s Brian Kornfeld immersed himself in Tampa Bay’s innovation economy

Brian Kornfeld says he wakes up every day determined to break entrepreneurs free from fear by providing them with the encouragement, guidance and resourcefulness “to achieve their dreams.”

Innovation challenge to float new ideas for Crystal Lagoon payment system

Metro Development is seeking a payment solution for its 7.5-acre Crystal Lagoons; the first is complete but not open yet in Wesley Chapel.

2019 Synapse Innovation Summit

Synapse Summit is a live celebration of innovation, where visionaries, doers, and success-makers connect with the latest transformational innovations across all industries.

SunTrust Foundation Awards $50K Grant to Support Innovation

According to a recent announcement, Synapse, an accelerator for innovation in Florida, is the recipient of a $50,000 grant from the SunTrust Foundation – Tampa/Southwest Florida, to support future Synapse Challenges.

Women thought leaders: Bridging the gender gap in Tampa Bay

In partnership with the nonprofit Synapse, Women Ambassadors Forum is holding a one-day conference on January 22 to help women of all ages achieve their break-throughs.

What Tampa Bay needs to grow its innovation economy

A growing talent pool and a deeper capital base have made the Tampa Bay area a better place for startup tech companies. But the area still has a way to go to achieve its full potential, said Linda Olson, president and CEO of Tampa Bay Wave, a non-profit that services and houses growing companies.

Business briefs: St. Pete’s most profitable banks, entrepreneurship and more

Freedom Bank, the only community bank headquartered in St. Petersburg, nearly tripled its net income in the third quarter of 2018.

Synapse, Embarc, St. Pete EDC leaders talk about building a brand for Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay has come a long way from being a place known just for its weather and vacation hotspots. Now, the area has an opportunity to capitalize on the burgeoning technology industry here and create a brand around it

Tampa Bay hosts Global Entrepreneurship Week celebrations

As the Tampa Bay entrepreneurial ecosystem heats up, the community has for the first time coordinated its GEW programs into a calendar of events that are easier for the community to access.

Potentially life-saving VR technology being developed in Tampa Bay

It’s called MEDOPTIC and It’s real-time, 3D virtual reality streaming used in the medical field for training, observation and even consultations. Doctors, wearing VR goggles, can watch surgeries or procedures as they happen.

Meet Brian Kornfeld, a 40 Under 40 honoree

Brian Kornfeld is the co-founder of Synapse

Catching up with Brian Kornfeld: From Satellites to Synapse

Brian Kornfeld’s brain runs hotter and faster than an average person’s. Some serious organizations have put that brain to serious use for things like making sure very expensive satellites don’t float off into deep space. As it turns out…

Influencers – Marc Blumenthal

There are people who sit still. There are people who do small things. And there is Marc Blumenthal who does the complete opposite of those people. Blumenthal has left a trail of success throughout Tampa Bay.

It’s year two for the Synapse Innovation Summit. Here’s why organizers say you’ll want to come back

Synapse, a Tampa organization formed to help local entrepreneurs, investors and others make connections, has opened registration for its second Innovation Summit and is taking nominations for speakers.

‘Best Of St. Pete’ Book To Collect The Best And The Brightest

Published in 2016, Best of Tampa Bay is an oversized, stylish, full-color hardcover book – yes, it looks weighty and important on a coffee table

Catching up with Brian Kornfeld: From Satellites to Synapse

Brian Kornfeld’s brain runs hotter and faster than an average person’s. Some serious organizations have put that brain to serious use for things like making sure very expensive satellites don’t float off into deep space. As it turns out…

Downtown Tampa’s Synapse Innovation Summit Moves To January, Opens Registration

Organizers told CL that the date change (the 2017 edition was in March) is all about looking to expand Synapse and turn it into the region’s premier innovation event.

Synapse Innovation Summit To Return In 2019

Following up on the success of the 2018 summit, the Synapse Innovation Summit will return to Tampa in 2019. The summit will be held Jan. 23 and 24 at Amalie Arena.

Synapse Gears Up For Next Innovation Summit 2019

Medical tech executive Scott Minniear discovered the Tampa Bay Technology Incubator at the Innovation Summit in March.

Putting You In Control Of Your Healthcare

Health providers, doctors, and health insurance companies take a huge role in healthcare. However, people should be at the helm of their own well-being. Here are a few steps to take.

HyperloopTT – Transforming Transportation Between City Centers

On April 12, 2018, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies announced the shipment of the very first full-scale freight and passenger tubes.

Peerfit Is Revolutionizing Wellness. Learn How!

The definition of “fitness” may vary from one person to another. Some employees who are just starting to get on a healthy lifestyle may choose the stairs over riding the elevator.

Transforming The Future Of Retail Using AI And VR

What does digital transformation really mean in the future of retail? It is simply transferring an old, obsolete product-centered model that has been followed for so many years to a customer-centered model.

American Freedom Distillery’s Legendary Spirits

Utilizing their military expertise and backgrounds, they are now applying their bold strategies in running a distillery. American Freedom Distillery is a dream come true for a special group of colleagues who served America in its darkest period.

Whipster: Ridesharing Cost-Comparison Software Gaining Traction

With so many new players in the rideshare space, competition for services and new users is stiff. This shakeup has inspired a new company to come up with the bold idea of creating a third party app which provides a complementary service…

ConnectWise: Lessons From Building A Billion Dollar Company

Privately held startups worth over $1 billion, are disrupting several industries in the last few years. ConnectWise, currently worth about $1.2 billion, is paving the way and making a solid example of how to do it well – but they did not get there overnight.

Startups And Women Entrepreneurs – Here’s The Region For You!

Ecosystems that support entrepreneurs and innovation hubs are sprouting across America. Regions of the country are working hard to be startup havens. This includes creating an environment that supports innovations and helps investors find the next bold idea.

Creating Infrastructure That Powers Innovation

Disruptions turn traditional business models upside down. The need for a more resilient and more efficient innovation infrastructure has become more crucial. Cities and communities must create ecosystems that supports innovation.

The Bold Impact Of Self-Driving Cars On Society

Autonomous driving is the future of transportation. And by future, we mean not so distant future. We are already seeing some of these disruptive concepts racing their way to the market.

Crowd-Powered HyperloopTT: Innovating Transportation And Shaping Company Structure

Crowdstorming is HyperloopTT’s method of planning and achieving their innovation. It is the ability to obtain fresh ideas from several sources, mostly external, managing brainstorming via the Internet.

It’s Year Two For The Synapse Innovation Summit. Here’s Why Organizers Say You’ll Want To Come Back

Synapse, a Tampa organization formed to help local entrepreneurs, investors and others make connections, has opened registration for its second Innovation Summit and is taking nominations for speakers.

Suncoast Business Forum – The Story Of Synapse

Marc Blumenthal is a Partner with Florida Funders and is a high tech entrepreneur in the Tampa Bay area. He sold his company to Tony DiBenedetto of Tribridge a few years ago, and he is currently organizing an Innovation Summit in Tampa at the end of March.

What Is The Formula For Entrepreneurial Success?

What is the formula for entrepreneurial success? Bold Business asked the founders, CEOs and managers of companies making bold impacts what traits propel entrepreneurs to success.

The Venture Capital Game – The Deck Is Stacked Against Women Entrepreneurs

Research recently conducted at Columbia University highlights how common gender discrepancies vary when it comes to investment funding. Because of this, women entrepreneurs are at a clear disadvantage compared to men.

Could This Region Be The Next Silicon Valley?

Over 3,500 participants, 50 speakers, and 257 exhibitors attended the recently concluded Synapse Innovation Summit at the Amalie Arena in Downtown Tampa on March 28 and 29.

Tampa Innovation Summit Features Hyperloop, Tesla, IBM, Water Street Tampa, And More

Imagine traveling from Tampa to Tallahassee or from Tampa to Miami in 20 minutes or so? Or zipping across the continent from Florida to California on the ground, at airplane speeds, safely and securely? It may sound like a science fiction plot, but it isn’t.

Vinik To Tech Community: Tampa Bay Is 15 Years Behind Nashville And Needs To Step Up

Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik told his love story with his adopted hometown to hundreds of local tech workers Wednesday. But it was a message of tough love, too.

Secret Behind Creating A Thriving Start-Up Ecosystem

What is the Holy Grail for economic development? For most cities it is a thriving start-up ecosystem. Cities everywhere want to become the next Silicon Valley. States want their economic engines loaded with fuel. Non-for-profit Synapse is trying to do just that in the state of Florida.

Tampa Bay Needs To Step Up Its Game, Vinik Tells Crowd At Synapse Innovation Summit

The Tampa Bay Lightning owner and summit organizers offered ideas on how the area could help the startup community succeed.

3 Ideas Tampa Bay Can Steal From Chicago To Grow Its Startup Scene

A veteran of a top-ranked Chicago innovation center tells what worked in the Windy City.