synapse summit

Synapse Summit is Florida’s premier gathering of top innovators shaping our state’s vibrant future.  Leading enterprise innovators, startup founders and entrepreneurs gather for this annual celebration. Dive into dynamic discussions, network with industry leaders, and discover groundbreaking advancements across key sectors driving Florida’s growth. Join us and be part of the momentum. This is where Florida’s brightest minds converge. 

synapse orlando

Experience an event like no other at MetaCenter Global Week, proudly presented by Synapse Orlando and Immerse Global Summit! Dive deep into a world where technology, creativity, and global trends intersect, bringing together the brightest minds from around the globe with the vibrant community of Central Florida. Throughout this immersive week, attendees will uncover the future’s possibilities, foster collaborations, and catapult ideas into reality. Don’t miss this monumental gathering, where the global meets the local in a symphony of innovation. 

synapse converge

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synapse awards

The Synapse Awards celebrate groundbreaking visionaries propelling Florida’s future. These awards honor the trailblazers in our community who are setting new standards of excellence in their industries. We celebrate them because their innovations not only pave the way for progress but also inspire others to dream big and act boldly. Structured across multiple categories, the awards ensure that brilliance in every sector gets its well-deserved spotlight. Join us in recognizing and championing the remarkable talent shaping our state’s innovative landscape.

Tampa Bay Innovation Week

Welcome to Tampa Bay Innovation Week, anchored by Synapse Summit! This week-long celebration showcases the dynamism of Tampa Bay, a region that has seen a 200% growth in tech jobs over the past decade and houses over 4,000 startups. Immerse yourself in an ecosystem teeming with visionary entrepreneurs, tech aficionados, and business leaders pushing the boundaries of possibility. As one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in the U.S., Tampa Bay is the place to be for innovation.